Thursday, June 20, 2019

SFGAA Championship Schedule for June:

SFGAA Championship Schedule for June:

Saturday June 22 - (11am-4.30pm) -  Club Day - Clan Na nGael

Ladies GAA Blitz with Clan Na nGael, Fog City Harps, San Diego Na Fianna and SF Youth GAA!  

Sunday June 23 - Club Day - Pearse Og

 10.00am,  MJF: YISB v Pearse Og. Ref: Terry Treacy. Officials: NP X6

 11.20am, MSF: Ulster v Boru/Celts. Ref: TBC. Officials: YISB/POg.

 12.40pm, JH: SJ v NP. Referee: TBC. Officials: Uls/Boru/Celts.

 2.00pm, SH: NF v NP. Referee: Liam Reidy. Officials:  SJ/POg.

 3.20pm, MSF: ST v YISB. Ref: TBC. Officials: NF/NP.
Saturday June 29   - Club Day - Na Fianna

 3.20pm, JH: SJ v NF. Ref: NP. Officials: Tipp.

 4.40pm, JH: *SD v NP. Ref: Liam Reidy. Officials: SJ/NF.

 6.00pm, SH: Tipp v NP. Ref: Liam Reidy. Officials: NF X6.

Day  June 30 - Club Day - Sons of Boru/Celts

10.00am, MSF: Ulster v YISB. Ref: TBC. Officials: Boru/Celts.

11.20am, JH: *SD v Tipp. Ref: NF. Officials: Ulster/YISB. 

12.40pm, MJF: YISB v Cusacks. Ref: TBC. Officials: Tipp X6.

2.00pm, MJF: PO v EO. Ref: TBC. Officials: YISB/Cus.

3.20pm, MSF: ST v Boru/Celts. Ref: TBC. Officials: PO/EO.

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