Wednesday, July 16, 2014

San Francisco Gaa remaining July Fixtures

 San Francisco Gaa remaining July Fixtures:

Saturday, July 19th:

2:00pm, Intermediate Men’s Football: YISB v Treacys          
Referee: Declan O'Donnell. Officials: Ulster (all 6 officials)

3:20pm, Junior Men’s Football: Ulster v YISB                         
Referee: Treacys. Officials: Treacys (all 6 officials)

4:40pm, Senior Men’s Football: Treacys v YISB
Referee: Maurice Condon. Officials: Ulster (all 6 officials)

Sunday, July 20th:

11:00am, Junior Hurling: Naomh Padraig v St. Josephs           
Referee: Maurice Condon. Officials: Cusacks & Boru/Celts

12:20pm, Senior Mens Football: Cusacks V Ulster                   
 Referee: Maurice Condon. Officials: Naomh Padraig & St. Josephs

1:40pm, Intermediate Mens Football: Boru/Celts v Ulster
Referee: Declan O'Donnell, Officials: Cusacks (all 6 officials)

Weekend of Sunday, July 27th there will be no games.

Please come out and support your team, $5 Entry to games and No Dogs allowed on SF Gaa grounds.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Western Division Gaa updated July Schedule:

Western Division Gaa updated July Schedule:

Saturday, July 12th:

1:00pm, Junior Mens Football: YISB v Eire Og
2:20pm, Junior Mens Football: Ulster v Michael Cusacks

3:40pm, Senior Mens Football: Michael Cusacks v YISB                        

5:00pm, Senior Mens Football: Ulster v Sean Treacy's          

Sunday, July 13th:

10:00am, Intermediate Ladies Football: Fog City Harps v Clan na Gael        

11:20am, Junior Hurling: Naomh Padraig v St. Josephs            

12:40pm, Senior Hurling: Naomh Padraig v Na Fianna              

2:00pm, Intermediate Mens Football: Sons of Borus\Celts v Sean Treacy's       

3:20pm, Intermediate Mens Football: Ulster v YISB                        
4:40pm, Junior Hurling: SF Rovers v Na Fianna              

Saturday, July 19th:
2:00pm, Intermediate Mens Football: YISB v Sean Treacy's         
3:20pm, Junior Mens Football: Ulster v YISB                           
4:40pm, Senior Mens Football: Sean Treacy's v YISB      

Sunday, July 20th:

11:00am, Junior Hurling: Naomh Padraig v St. Josephs            
12:20pm, Senior Mens Football: Michael Cusacks v Ulster                     

1:40pm, Intermediate Mens Football: Sons of Boru/Celts v Ulster                     

Sunday, July 27th:
Treasure Island fields are unavailable on July 26th\27th -- games originally scheduled for this day will be refixed as needed for a new date\time and\or location.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy 4th of July & Fixtures for 12th & 13th of July;

SF GAA wish all our members, supporters and sponsors a happy and safe 4th of July weekend. We will see you all the following weekend, where we have games both on Saturday and Sunday;

Sat July 12th, 1:00, JNR F: YISB v Eire Og

Sat July 12th, 2:20, JNR F: Cusacks v Ulster

Sat July 12th, 3:40, INT F: Ulster v YISB

Sat July 12th, 5:00, SNR F: Ulster v Sean Treacys

Sun July 13th, 10:00, INT LF: Fog City Harps v Clan na Gael

Sun July 13th, 11:20, JNR H: Naomh Padraigh v St. Josephs

Sun July 13th, 12:40, INT F: Celts/Boru v Treacys

Sun July 13th, 2:00, SNR H (2): Naomh Padraigh v Na Fianna

Sun July 13th, 3:20, SNR F: Cusacks v YISB

Sun July 13th, 4:40, JNR H: Na Fianna v SF Rovers

Please come out and support your team, $5 Entry to games and No Dogs allowed on SF Gaa grounds.

Our 2014 SF Gaa Senior Football Championship Table:

Treacys: 2 Wins vs YISB & Cusacks, & 1 Draw vs Ulster - 5pts

Ulster: 1 Win vs YISB, 1 Draw vs Treacys & 1 Loss vs Cusacks - 3pts

Cusacks: 1 Win vs Ulster & 2 Losses vs YISB & Treacys - 2pts

YISB: 1 Win vs Cusacks & 2 Losses vs Treacys & Ulster - 2pts