Wednesday, July 22, 2015

2015 SF GAA Championship Results for July 18 & 19 and Fixtures for July 25 & 26 .

Below are the Results from last weekends games on Treasure Island:

Saturday, July 18th:

Senior Football: YISB 3.12 defeated Sean Treacys 3.10.

Senior Football: Cusacks 1.10 tied with Ulster 0.13

Int Football: YISB 'B' 1.10 tied with Ulster 'B' 2.07.

Sunday, July 19th:

Ladies Football: Fog City Harps v Clan na Gael not played.

Jnr Football: Sons of Boru/Celts 'B' recieved a walkover from Ulster 'C'.

Int Football: Cusacks 'B' 2.14 defeated Eire Og 1.11.

Int Football: Sons of Boru/Celts 4.10 defeated Sean Treacys 'B' 0.07.

Jnr Hurling: Na Fianna 'B' 1.21 defeated v St. Josephs 2.09.

Our next Round of games are all follows;

Saturday the 25th of July:

7/25 SAT 3:30 Snr Football Cusacks v Sean Tracys

7/25 SAT 4:40 Int Football YISB v Treacys

7/26 SUN 10:00 Int Ladies Clan na Gael v Fog City

Sunday the 26th of July:

7/26 SUN 11:20 Jnr B Football Cusacks v Boru/Celts

7/26 SUN 12:40 Jnr Hurling St. Josephs v Naomh Padraig

7/26 SUN 2:00 Int Football Ulster v Boru/Celts

7/26 SUN 3:30 Snr Hurling Na Fianna v Naomh Padraig

$7.00 Entry Fee, please come out and support your team.


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

2015 San Francisco GAA Championship 3rd Weekend Round Schedule:

2015 San Francisco GAA Championship 3rd Weekend Schedule:

7/18 SAT 2:00pm, Snr Football: Sean Tracys v YISB.

7/18 SAT 3:30pm, Snr Football: Cusacks v Ulster.

7/18 SAT 4:40pm, Int Football: YISB v Ulster.

7/19 SUN 10:00am, Snr Ladies: Fog City v Clan na Gael.

7/19 SUN 11:20am, Jnr B Football: Ulster v Boru/Celts.

7/19 SUN 12:40pm, Jnr B Football: Cusacks v Eire Og.

7/19 SUN 2:00pm, Int Football: Treacys v Boru/Celts.

7/19 SUN 3:30pm, Jnr Hurling: Na Fianna v St. Josephs.

Please come out and support your team, $7 entry fee.

2015 San Francisco GAA Championship 2nd Weekend Round Results:

2015 San Francisco GAA Championship 2nd Weekend Round Results:

Int Football: YISB 0.15 defeated Boru/Celts 0.07.

7/12 SUN 11:20 Jnr Hurling: Naomh Padraig 4.09 defeated Na Fianna 0.08.

7/12 SUN 12:40 Snr Football: YISB 4.09 defeated Cusacks 3.06.

7/12 SUN 2:00 Snr Hurling: Naomh Padraig 1.16 defeated Na Fianna 0.17.

7/12 SUN 3:20 Snr Football: Tracys 1.13 defeated Ulster 1.11

Int Football: Treacys vs Ulster - Not played.