Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Results from Sunday April 27th Games!

Results from Sunday April 27th Games:

10:30am, Hurling; Naomh Padraig defeated St. Josephs 

11:40am, Hurling; SF Rovers v Na Fianna, did not go ahead.

12:50pm, Mens; Michael Cusacks defeated Eire Og. Cusacks scored 4 goals in this game, 2 in each half, which was too much for this young Junior C team to over come.

2:00pm, Mens; Ulster defeated Sean Treacys in this very entertaining match up. As with all Ulster and Treacys games it was played at championship pace, on a scoreline of 2-9 to 0-9. This was a close match right to the end, where we saw the black card in use once again, with 3 for Treacys and 1 for Ulster, also Treacys had a man sent off with about 10 mins left. Ulster took advantage of the extra man and it was Shaun O'Neill with 2 goals in the closing minutes of this game that secured the win for Ulster. 

3:10pm, Mens; YISB defeated Boru\Celts; 2-12 to 0-05, Cathal Geoghan and Thomas Rahill, were the goal scorers in this one. 

Next games on Treasure Island Sunday May 4th:

All Games at Field A:

11:00am, Ladies        Clan na Gael                 v        Fog City                                

Referee: Hugh Duggan              Officials:  Naomh Padraig\Na Fianna 

12:10pm, Hurling      Naomh Padraig           v         Na Fianna                             

Referee: Liam Moloney             Officials:  Fog City\Clan na Gael   

1:20pm, Mens         Eire Og                           v        Sean Treacys                       

Referee: YISB                               Officials: Naomh Padraig\Na Fianna

2:30pm, Mens         YISB                                v        Michael Cusacks                  

Referee:  Bertie Penny                 Officials: Eire Og/Sean Treacy's 

Entry Fee $5 Dollars, and no dogs allowed on Gaa grounds. Please come out and support your team!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Games this Sunday April 27th on Treasure Island!!!!!

Games this Sunday April 27th:

All Games at Field A:

10:30am, Hurling; Naomh Padraig v St. Josephs 
Referee: Liam Moloney, Officials: Michael Cusacks\Eire Og

11:40am, Hurling; SF Rovers v Na Fianna 
Referee: St. Josephs, Officials: St. Josephs\Naomh Padraig

12:50pm, Mens; Michael Cusacks v Eire Og Referee: Sean Treacy's, Officials: SF Rovers\Na Fianna

2:00pm, Mens; Ulster v Sean Treacys
Referee: Declan O'Donnell, Officials: Michael Cusacks\Eire Og

3:10pm, Mens; Sons of Boru\Celts v YISB Referee: Ulster, Officials: Ulster\Sean Treacy's

Remember to be on time for your game as a player or as an official.

$5.00 Entry Fee and no dogs allowed on Gaa grounds. Come out and support your team!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

2014 St Patrick's Cup Remaining Schedule!!!!!

Here are the remaining SF Gaa 2014 St Patrick's Cup Fixtures,​ and all to be played on Treasure Island!

April 27th:

​All Games at Field A:

10:30am​​​​​ ​​​ Hurling Naomh Padraig v St. Josephs Officials: Sean Treacy's\Ulster
11:40am​ Hurling SF Rovers v Na Fianna Officials: Sean Treacy's\Ulster
12:50pm Mens Michael Cusacks v Eire Og Officials: SF Rovers\St. Josephs
2:00pm Mens Ulster v Sean Treacys Officials: SF Rovers\St. Josephs
3:10pm Mens Sons of Boru\Celts v YISB Officials: SF Rovers\St. Josephs

May 4th

​All Games at Field A:

​10:00am Ladies Clan na Gael v Fog City
11:10am Hurling Naomh Padraig v Na Fianna
12:20pm Hurling SF Rovers v St. Josephs
1:30pm Mens Sons of Boru\Celts v Ulster
2:40pm Mens Eire Og v Sean Treacys
3:50pm: Mens YISB v Michael Cusacks

May 11th:

​All Games at Field C:

12:00pm Mens Sons of Boru\Celts v Michael Cusacks
1:10pm Mens Eire Og v YISB

May 18th:

​All Games at Field C:

​12:10pm Ladies Fog City v Clan na Gael
1:20pm Mens YISB v Ulster
2:30pm Mens Sean Treacys v Michael Cusacks

May 25th:

Memorial Weekend -- ​No games.

June 1st:

​​All Games at Field A -- Finals:

10:00am Mens C
11:20am Hurling B
12:40pm Ladies
2:00pm Hurling A
3:20pm Mens B
4:40pm Mens A​
Please come out and support your team! $5.00 entry fee and no dogs allowed!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

San Francisco Gaa would like to wish all our members and their families a Happy Easter, and also a Big Thank You to all our members who were able to help on our Annual Treasure Island Clean Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

San Francisco Youth Gaa Practice

Hey All,
The IFHYL will host their first practice in San Francisco this Season.
The practice will be followed by a pizza party!!!
San Francisco Practice
Date: Friday April 18th, 2014
Time: 6:30pm to 8:00pm (U6's will run 6:30pm - 7:30pm)
Age Groups - Boys & Girls U6 - U14 - Hurling, Camogie & Gaelic Football
Location: West Sunset Field

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

2014 St Patrick's Cup - Round 2

Here is the schedule for this Sunday April 13th games:

Field A Treasure Island:

11am Hurling St. Josephs vs Na Fianna
Fog/Clan - Officials

12:10pm Mens C Sons of Boru vs Eire Og
Fog/Clan - Officials

1:20pm Hurling Naomh Padraig vs SF Rovers
Eire Og/Boru - Officials

2:30pm Ladies Fog City vs Clan na Gael
Eire Og/Boru - Officials

Come out and support your team. $5.00 Entry Fee and no dogs alowed on Gaa grounds!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

2014 1st Round of St Patrick's Cup

2014 1st Round of St Patrick's Cup starts this Sunday April 6th on Treasure Island. Hope to see you there, and come out to support your team!

12:00pm Mens C: Sons of Boru v Celts 

Referee & Officials: Board

1:10pm Mens A/B: Sean Treacys v YISB       

Referee: Decky O'Donnell, Officials: Boru\Celts
2:20pm Mens A/B: Michael Cusacks v Ulster 

Referee: Liam Moloney, Officials: Sean Treacys\YISB