Tuesday, April 7, 2015

2015 St. Patrick's Cup Schedule

Below is the schedule for this years St. Patrick's Cup -- all games will take place at Treasure Island.

Sunday, April 12th:

11:30am​, CCGAA​: Stanford   v   Cal                                 

Referee: Naomh Padraig​​      

12:30pm,​ Hurling: Naomh Padraig    v   Na Fianna        
                              Referee: St. Josephs , Officials: CCGAA

1:30pm, Football: Eire Og   v    Michael Cusacks          

Referee: Ulster, Officials: Naomh Padraig\Na Fianna

2:30pm, Football: Sean Treacy's  v  YISB                         

Referee: Cusacks, Officials: Eire Og\Michael Cusacks

3:30pm, Football: Ulster    v   Sons of Boru\Celts           

Referee: YISB, Officials: Sean Treacy's\YISB

Sunday, April 19th:​

11:30am​:  Football​ ​       Sean Treacy's   v   Sons of Boru\Celts                                 

12:30pm:​  Football        YISB    v     Eire Og    

1:30pm:    Football        Ulster  v    Michael Cusacks            

2:30pm:    Hurling         Rovers  v   St. Josephs                    

3:30pm     Ladies           Fog City Harps   v  Clan na Gael            

Sunday April 26th:

​​​11:30am​:  Hurling​ ​        Rovers  v  Na Fianna                    

12:30pm:​  Hurling         Naomh Padraig   v  St. Josephs

1:30pm:    Football        Michael Cusacks  v   Sons of Boru\Celts            

2:30pm:    Football        YISB    v   Ulster                     

Sunday, ​May 3rd:

​​No Games Scheduled

Sunday, May 10th:

​​​12:30pm   Ladies           Fog City Harps   v  Clan na Gael      

1:30pm     Football​        Ulster    v  Sean Treacy's

2:30pm     Football        Sons of Boru\Celts   v   Eire Og

Sunday, May 17th:

​​11:30am   Football       Eire Og   v  Sean Treacy's

12:30pm   Football       Michael Cusacks   v   YISB

1:30pm     Hurling        St. Josephs   v  Na Fianna

2:30pm     Hurling        Rovers     v  Naomh Padraig

​​Sunday, May 24th: 

​​Memorial Weekend -- No Games Scheduled

Sunday, May 31st:

11:30am   Ladies         Fog City Harps   v  Clan na Gael     

12:30pm   Football      Sons of Boru\Celts   v    YISB

1:30pm     Football      Sean Treacy's     v   Michael Cusacks  

2:30pm     Football      Eire Og    v    Ulster

Sunday, June 7th:


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